B  O  N   N  I  E     L  A  N  G  F  O   R  D

J O H A N N E  M U R D O C K     J A N E  F O W L E R


A Fabulous Revival

Directed by Carol Metclafe this show casts a shadow over the London revival of "Chicago". Both are shows that belonged entirely to Bob Fosse, but while in "Chicago" they change it, in "Sweet Charity" they kept closer to the original production. The direction is intelligent and unpretentious, the same happening with the simple and effective sets. One of the best musicals I ever saw, this revival deserves to have a long run and Langford deserves an Olivier award. Comparisons with "Chicago" are inevitable, but this show wins in all aspects. Don’t miss it.

Riveting Dance Numbers

The best is the choreography recreated by Chet Walker. The dance numbers, as performed by the best dancers working presently in London, are a joy to all our senses. Riveting and rousing, they turn the show in a wonderful party of which we don’t want to leave.

The Sweet Bonnie

Leading the cast we have Bonnie Langford. What a lady, what an actress, she’s absolutely perfect playing Charity. She possess the rare quality of making us love her and at the same time sings, dances and acts like if all those thing were the simplest things in the world. She is reason enough to see the show and she’s the queen of the night. At her side Johanne Murdock and Jane Fowler shine as her close friends, both being terrific dancers and showing strong voices.


Book by Neil Simon    Music by Cy Coleman
Lyrics by Dorothy Fields

    Choreography Recreated by Chet Walker
Directed by Carol Metcalfe

Rated by Jorge: +++++