I Surrender!

When I bought the famous Original Broadway Cast I was disappointed by it. For reasons I can't explain the score didn't said much to me. So when this revival opened in London I went to see it because Ruthie Henshall was in it.



John Gordon Sinclair

Ruthie Henshall

 Surprise!! Not only I liked the show, but I also surrendered to the simple lovely score. I know I shouldn't say this but , for me, this revival cast album is much better than the original. 



A Musical Jewel

Directed by Scott Ellis this is a true remarkable show. I was delighted from the first scenes to the end and I truly liked the nice and simple stories of the characters.  



Barry James

Tracie Bennett

Gerard Casey

 The actors, the romantic sets, the elegant costumes, the delightful dialogues, the beautiful score and  every other little detail, turned this into a perfect small musical.  This is one of those shows that I will always treasure, and  has a captive place in my heart. 


Music by Jerry Bock

Lyrics by Sheldon Hardnick

Book by Joe Masteroff


The Perfect Couple

Sometimes, miracles happen, and when they do we are really lucky. One of those happened on the night that SHE LOVES ME had its first preview at the Savoy Theatre in London. I was there, so I know what I'm talking about.


Musical Staging by Rob Marshall

Directed by Scott Ellis


Rated by Jorge: +++++

From the moment that Ruthie Henshall met John Gordon Sinclair on stage I knew something amazing was happening. They made a perfect couple and it was impossible for the audience not to love them. She is one of London's best musical actresses and he was a totally revelation for me.