M A R T I N   S H O R T      F A I T H   P R I N C E







The original production opened on Broadway in 1962, but it failed to become a hit. What went wrong?

After seeing this revival produced by the Roundabout Theatre I can't find an answer. If we believe in what the critics say, the original one was much better. So how couldn't it become a hit?

This new production is probably the funniest musical I ever saw. I started laughing at the beginning and by the end I was still laughing and that's great. The modern musicals are too serious so it's a joy to watch such a comedy. The show is so funny that even the cast laughs, specially the leading lady who couldn't hold herself when playing with Martin Short.

The book by Neil Simon it's really funny and Rob Marshall, who directed and choreographed this revival, take full advantage of it. The result is a true party, which invites you to witness the life of a burlesque star and all the men in her life. The excellent Faith Prince, who has here a role that suits all her talents, plays her. Martin Short plays the men in her life and he is a hurricane on stage. Every time he appears you can't do anything but laugh. The rest of the company is terrific and you feel they're all having a ball.

The entire production is appealing on its simplicity and the dance numbers are fabulous. We know that the original was choreographed by Bob Fosse and so does Marshall, who wasn't afraid of paying his homage to Fosse, by imitating CHICAGO. The score by Cy Coleman is one of the best ever written for Broadway with several showstoppers. FUN! FUN! FUN!


Music by Cy Coleman    Lyrics by Carolyn Leigh

Book by Neil Simon    Directed and Choreographed by Rob Marshall

Rated by Jorge: +++++