A     C E L E B R A T I O N    I N    S O N G     A N D    D A N C E






Bob Fosse was one of the best choreographers of Broadway and one of the most originals. His work is easily recognised and his influence is highly noticed on the musical theatre.

FOSSE isn't a book musical, just a homage to a man who dedicated his life to the theatre and specially to the dance. As all homages it always depends on the people who does it, everyone would do a different one. If it were me I would have put more numbers from his books musicals and less from DANCIN'. But let's forget about all that and enjoy the show as it is.

This is what I call an extraordinary nigh out. Being a lover of theatre dance this was heaven for me, so in the space of a week I saw it twice. Some critics claim that Fosse's soul is missing from the show, but I don't agree. One movement from the dancers and you can feel Fosse all around.

The producers followed the trend started by CHICAGO and so we have simple sets and sexy costumes. Above all we have the dance numbers and this ones couldn't be better; well, maybe they could. Anyway, the dances dazzle you and made you wish you were one of the performers.

The cast is absolutely terrific. Valerie Pettiford and Jane Lanier are the fabulous leads, at their side a fantastic Scott Wise and a company of dancers like you never saw on Broadway.

But the big revelation of the evening are three talented guys that simply can dance, and what a talent! First is Brad Musgrove, it's he who starts the show's dances by impersonating the essence of Bob Fosse and all his movements are perfect.

Then, on Percussion 4, Desmond Richardson dazzles us with all his talent. Later, the two performed the gay couple in Take Off With Us - Three Pas de Deux and you hardly can take your eyes from them. Last but not least, there's Alex Sanchez; he began by taking our attention because he remind us of the young Bob Fosse and soon he reveals himself as a great dancer in numbers like From the Edge and Steam Heat.

Like I said before, I wish there were numbers from NEW GIRL IN TOWN, REDHEAD, HOW TO SUCCEED IN BUSINESS… and LITTLE ME, but I was more than pleased with what I saw. For me the highlights of the evening were Fosse's World, I Wanna Be a Dancin' Man, Rich Man's Frug, Mein Herr and Take Off With Us - Three Pas de Deux. But the best of all was the unforgettable Steam Heat, danced perfectly by Jane Lanier, Michael Paternostro and Alex Sanchez.

I'm more than glad that this show has found its audience and I hope it will run for several years.


Original Choreography by Bob Fosse   Choreography Recreated by Chet Walker

Co-directed and Co-choreographed by Ann Reinking    Directed by Richard Maltby, Jr.

Rated by Jorge: +++++