A few years ago, in 1984, FOOTLOOSE was a hit movie and his music put teenagers dancing everywhere. I like it, although it wasn't my cup of tea. But what was really good in it was the opening credits. The screen only show us feet, different kinds of feet, dancing non-stop and it was a well-orchestrated moment of choreography. This stage version doesn't have that opening and that's a pity!

This is one of the worst musicals I ever saw. The book is terrible, the musical numbers are forced into the story and the cast tried to be funny (something they rarely achieve) .It's true; this isn't a show for me. I'm one of those guys who loves the old Broadway style musicals, but I was expecting something better or at least more lively.

Above all I went to see the show for the dance numbers. I thought they were on the same league of the film's opening number. God! I was wrong, mistaken, dreaming… Choreographer A. C. Ciulla gave us some of the less exciting dance numbers I ever saw. Yes, the kids can dance, but the steps are terrible. To tell you the truth, the all production is boring and monotonous. To think that its director, Walter Bobbie, was the man responsible for the direction of the terrific CHICAGO revival.

The new songs (the more interesting is "Learning to Be Silent", which sounds almost like Sondheim) aren't needed and the old ones hardly help the characters. The cast tried to do their best with what was given to them, but the result is very poor.

That this musical is still playing is a surprise to me. Just to think that recently, in the same theatre, the fabulous SIDE SHOW wasn't able to get enough public to keep running! Anyway, I fear that FOOTLOOSE will run for several months.


Stage Adaptation by Dean Pitchford and Walter Bobbie

Choreographed by A. C. Ciulla     Directed by Walter Bobbie

Rated by Jorge: no stars